NDC for Corporates – Flexibility is key

Spend your travel budget smarter. Get cost efficient travel procurement with NDC. Get started now!

Nordic NDC is the GSA (General Sales Agent) in the Nordic and Baltic regions of the leading NDC booking platform from InteRes called Mercado. This means that we can offer corporations to quickly get started with booking airline tickets via NDC.

We offer corporations to set up NDC via your current travel agency or if the agency is not yet NDC ready, to use one of our agency partners. The agency can issue tickets until your current travel agency is ready for NDC. This way you can take advantage of NDC right away.

To ensure your post booking services with your current travel agency stays the same, we can send the NDC booking data directly from our unique data-exchange platform Atlas to your agency. It is your data, you decide what you want with them.

You also can still use your current corporate travel account agreement even though you use another travel agency. The NDC bookings will be charged to the same travel account number or a new sub-number and then consolidated on the same statement as today. This way there are no changes in the payment and travel expense management workflow.

The solutions are flexible and can be based on your corporation’s wishes and requirements.

If you want to use another NDC booking platform, we can also integrate this into Atlas and ensure that your travel agency work flow stay intact.

This is what you get with NDC

• Negotiate better deals
• Greater visibility of costs
• Cost saving
• Access to ”designer” travel vendor fares (savings)
• Access to wider product ranges from travel vendors (quality)
• Savings in the internal procurement workflows (optimize)
• Comprehensive reporting
• True price/product comparison

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